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Workbond information

It takes significant time, energy and funding to support the Old Bridge Soccer League and to make it as enjoyable as possible for your child. The program registration fee does not cover all the costs to run the program.  Each player's parents will be required to volunteer their time. This approach will equally distribute the responsibility to all members of the organization for raising funds and provide the support to run this league.

All families are required to volunteer a minimum of three (3) hours in support of the organization.  Your volunteer time can include time in the concession stand, field opening and closing, set-up/clean-up, etc. There are numerous opportunities for families to fulfill their work bond obligations. A $125.00 work bond check will be required when you pick up your players uniform during the scheduled uniform distribution night. This work bond check will be refunded when your hours of participation are completed. It is your responsibility to schedule a time convenient for you to fulfill your commitment to the league using the procedure below


Work bond for Girls Soccer League of Old Bridge:
If you have children in the GSLOB & OBSL, you are only required to volunteer for one club, and the work bond check you provide to each league will be returned.  You MUST contact the work bond director from the league in which you complete the work bond hours. The director will notify the other director of the other league so your check can be returned to you. 

Work bond Schedule: 

7:30am - 10:30am (General Maintenance, setting up flags, concession, parking, etc.)
10:30am-1:30pm (General Maintenance, empty garbage, cleanup, concession, parking, etc.)

**Please arrive 15 minutes early in order to sign-in and get a brief description of your assignment** You MUST sign-in in order to receive credit for your workbond hours.

Work bond Info:
Please contact the Workbond Director if you have any questions regarding your volunteer work. 

One Coach and one Assistant Coach is assigned to each team and are not required to register for the work bond program. Team Coordinators (U3-5 only) fufills the work bond participation program for the season and checks will be returned during the last game of the season. Please make sure your check is returned before you leave that day.  We do not want to cash your check in error.

Your work bond check will be cashed if you do not sign up to volunteer. 

Work bond and Volunteer Job Descriptions

OBSL has many workbond positions that need to be filled. Below is a description of all positions.


Coaches and Assistant Coaches: Are appointed by the BOD of OBSL. Responsibilities include running practices, and the week-to-week management of the rec soccer team.


Team Coordinators (U3-6 only): Are appointed by the BOD of OBSL. Responsibile for being the liason between the parents of the players and the BOD of OBSL.

Game Day Work bond:  Is available for all games, usually Saturday’s, during a Rec season. There are two (2) shifts 7:30am - 10:30am or 10:30am - 1:30pm. If you sign up for a Saturday workbond position your responsibilities might include:

Concession:  Early shift sets up and the late shift cleans up, in addition you would be required to help operate the grills, coffee makers, bathrooms, etc.

Raffle Day: Responsibilities include separating raffle tickets and assisting in the annual drawing of the OBSL Fundraiser. The hours are 9am - 12pm on the day of the raffle drawing.     

Trophy Day: Usually the last Saturday of the recreational season better known as OBSL Soccerama Day. Responsibilities include setting up and distributing trophies to all age groups.

Field Maintenance: This is usually a preseason or postseason position. Duties can include concession stand cleaning and stocking, removing of goals from the fields and general landscaping and field cleanup.