10 Ways You Know You Are Too Wrapped Up In Your Child's Sport

10.You want to be an official of your child’s sport because you believe that you can make better calls than other referees.

9. You have your child practicing every night at home until after dark.

8. You start talking about your games when you were a kid during your child’s game.

7. You start calling players on other teams names and make calls or noises when they’re trying to focus.

6. You call players on your child’s team names or make calls or comments, hoping they’ll mess up and your child gets more playing time.

5. You coach your child’s team and let your kid play more than others because you think he’s better than anyone else on the team.

4. You make your child cry before, during or after a game by your actions or comments towards him / her.

3. Your child wants to quit playing and you want to keep coaching, telling him / her they’re a quitter or a loser.

2. You encourage your child to play with an injury or illness, telling him he’s a loser or weak if he doesn’t.

1. You threaten your child, a player, another parent, coach or official with physical harm for any reason.

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