Referee Guidelines

 Referee Guidelines  

Here are some referee’s game responsibilities in addition to being well versed on the laws of the game.   

- Show up to your appointed game- Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to game time for all assignments. If you are not able to attend, you must contact Brian Morrissey or Kathleen Murawski ASAP to give the league time to find a replacement.   

-Dress in Referee Uniform- Yellow referee shirt with black shorts with black socks are considered the ideal uniform. In times of bad weather, black long pants may replace shorts. Jackets may be worn upon approval of assignor or assessors. You must be prepared with a whistle, stopwatch, standard watch, pen, flags (yellow and red), and yellow and red penalty cards.   

-Check Goal Area for Safety- Prior to the start of the game you must ensure the goal area is safe. There must be sandbags on each side of the goal. If there is not, do not start the game and look for an OBSL director to assist you in getting sandbags and making the goal area safe.   

- Referees for 1st game of the day are responsible to set up corner flags. Flags are in equiptment shed. Referee for last game is responsible for taking down the flags and placing them in the equiptment shed.

-Enforce areas- where players, coaches and spectators are expected to stand.   

- Fill out the game card- with team names, colors, referee name and assistant referee names. You must keep an accurate count of the score. After the game, you need to tally the score and have each coach sign the card. The card must be returned before you leave to the referee assignor or the game card box in the trailer.   

-Inspect the teams- before game time you must check in each team. Blow your whistle to call each team to a line. You are checking for the following-  

  1. Players are wearing cleats. Non-metal. Sneakers are permissible.  

  2. No Jewelry- no earrings, rings, beads, necklaces, bracelets. Medical alert bracelets are accepted but they must be taped to the wrist.  

  3. Each player must wear shin guards and they must be covered with their socks.  

  4. The game ball must be safe with a 1/2 inch of compression when squeezed with the thumbs.

  5.  Arm casts: soft only, as long as no sharp or metal instruments attached, hard casts no play even w/bubble wrap 

- Start the game- Blow your whistle to call the teams on to the fields for kick off, allow time for them to set up, and then count the players to make sure there are enough players and not too many players.

 - Give clear, loud instructions with your whistle- unless you blow the whistle loudly, players will not know when to stop. Use your whistle to notify everyone when the game starts and stops as well as when you need the attention of everyone involved.

 -Instruct with your hands and arms- pointing, showing which way a throw-in or kick must go, notifying the coach when they can substitute.

 -Do not allow players to bump, push, raise their arms up to block the ball, pull on shirts, or hit another player. No player or coach is permitted to use offensive language. If the player continues this behavior, after being warned, the coach should be asked to remove the player from the field. If this behavior is from a coach, please get a director immediately.  

- Throw ins- Encourage players to keep their feet on the ground and throw the ball evenly from behind their heads.  

-Injured players may have their coach come get them off the field and should be removed from the field to allow play to resume. The coach may send in a substitution for the injured player.   

-When the game is over, shake the hands of each coach and have each coach sign the game card. Please hand in the card or place it in the trailer game card box.   

-Remember that you are in charge of the game, not the coaches. You keep the time, make the decisions and must be polite, calm and clear in your decisions.   

- If you have any problems, please contact any of the board members on-site before, during or after the game. Do not confront any coach or parent in a criticizing manner. Please contact a board member if you feel either a law was not applied correctly, if the coach is not clear on a law, or the coach did not promote a safe and fun environment.   

Referees assigned to a mentor position will be evaluated on their ability to communicate on the job training and a respect for the profession of being a soccer referee.

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