U9 through U17 Specific Rules

• Both teams will be on the same side of the field. All spectators will remain on the opposite side of the field.
• Substitutions can be made only at the following times:

a)  On your teams throw-in
b)  On a goal kick
c)  After a goal
d)  At the beginning of the second half.

• A bad throw-in will be called. The opposing team will be awarded the throw-in. (Refs will explain to the player the proper technique for U9).
• There are Corner Kicks.
• Scores will be recorded and standings kept.
• There are Penalty Kicks
• Any Fouls on the field will result in a free kick (indirect or direct) from the spot of the infraction.
• Offsides will be enforced.
• Hand balls will be called.
• Slide tackling is prohibited at the U9-U12 level.

U9-U12  2 X 30 min halves, 5 minute half time, 8 v 8 with goalie.    U13  2 X 35 minute halves, 11 v11 with goalie.

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